Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sewing + Thrift Sales, Garage Sales and Craigslist

Ever since I've started sewing I keep seeing great deals others find on Craigslist and at garage sales and thrift stores. I need to know... where is everyone finding these thrift stores?! I have never seen patterns or fabric at a thrift store!!

Now I am much better at navigating Craigslist. Everyday I search my city's Craigslist for "sewing" and "fabric" hoping to score an awesome deal. Last week I saw a posting for a garage sale that would have "sewing notions." I went on the second day of the sale so there is no telling what may have been available the first day.

I found 2 boxes full of fabric. Each roll was $1 and a roll of scraps were $0.50. Is this typical garage sale fabric pricing? I only had fabric store prices to compare it to so it seemed like a steal to me!

I'm not quite sure what type of fabric these are... I'm still very much a beginner and still baffled by the different types of fabrics! I'm just sure these aren't cotton.


1 1/2 yds.

1 5/8 yds

3 1/2 yds

1 7/8yds

1 1/2 yds

I also got this gift wrap storage thing for $1. I am sooo excited about this! I was able to place my rolls of gift wrap, basket shred, store bought bows, some tissue and tags in this. There is a spot to put a hanger at the top and now this nifty thing hangs in a storage closet far away from the corner my gift wrap used to live in.


I had fun shopping at my first garage sale.

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